Salini Costruttori's Compliance System

Salini Costruttori adopted a set of rules, processes and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and inspired by the highest standards of ethics and sustainability, through the adoption of an adequate management and control system.

The Company adopted a Code of Ethics, an Anti-Corruption Model and an Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Article 6 of Legislative Decree No. 231/01, inspired by Confindustria guidelines. The creation of a Compliance System promotes rigor, transparency and a sense of responsibility in internal relations and with the outside world and, at the same time, offers the best guarantees of efficient and correct management through the introduction of procedures aimed at planning company activities.

Salini Costruttori also developed a Whistleblowing system, through a specific platform, to guarantee the maximum safeguard and confidentiality of whistleblowers and of the content of the report.

The Whistleblowing platform allows employees, collaborators, consultants, and suppliers of Salini Costruttori and any third-party connected to the Company, to send, even anonymously, reports concerning violations, both supposed and known, of statutes, procedures, company policies or values and of the company's Code of Ethics.

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Salini Costruttori's Compliance System